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2019 DRAFT

  • HERSHEL has traded his 2019 2nd Round Pick (2.02) and his 2019 4th Round Pick (4.02) to BEN in exchange for his 2019 2nd Round Pick (2.01).

  • EDD has traded his 2019 1st Round Pick (1.10) and Zach Ertz (PHI - TE) to DARREN in exchange for his 2019 1st Round Pick (1.03) and Michael Gallup (DAL - WR).

  • BEN has traded his 2019 3rd Round Pick (3.01) and 2019 4th Round Pick (4.02) to WESLEY in exchange for his 2019 2nd Round Pick (2.09)

  • BEN has traded his 2019 4th Round Pick (4.01) and 2019 5th Round Pick (5.01) to GARTMAN in exchange for his 2019 3rd Round Pick (3.06)

  • WESLEY has traded Kenny Golladay (DET - WR) to GARTMAN in exchange for his 2020 1st Round Pick, 2021 2nd Round Pick, and 2021 3rd Round Pick.



  • Text your draft pick on the designated group text.

  • Each team has 24 hours per pick, beginning when the previous team texts their pick.

  • Once a trade has been agreed upon, notify the details to one of the commissioners (Ben or Edd).

  • If a team fails to make a pick on time, they will be skipped until they make their selection.

  • Once the draft concludes, teams have one week to notify a commissioner which of their existing players will be dropped to clear space for their rookies.

1.01 Hershel
(from lottery) selects JOSH JACOBS (OAK-RB)
1.02 Ben selects N'KEAL HARRY (NE-WR)
1.03 Edd
(from Darren) selects DAVID MONTGOMERY (CHI-RB)
1.04 Cordell selects A.J. BROWN (TEN-WR)
1.05 Jacoby selects PARRIS CAMPBELL (IND-WR)
1.06 Gartman selects MILES SANDERS (PHI-RB)
1.07 Matt selects MECOLE HARDMAN (KC-WR)
1.08 Waylon selects MARQUISE BROWN (BAL-WR)
1.09 Wesley selects KYLER MURRAY (ARI-QB)
1.10 Darren
(from Edd) selects D.K. METCALF (SEA-WR)



2.01 Hershel (from Ben) selects T.J. HOCKENSON (DET-TE)
2.02 Ben
(from Hershel) selects DARRELL HENDERSON (LAR-RB)
2.03 Darren selects DEEBO SAMUEL (SF-WR)
2.04 Cordell selects ANDY ISABELLA (ARI-WR)
2.05 Jacoby selects HAKEEM BUTLER (ARI-WR)
2.06 Gartman selects NOAH FANT (DEN-TE)
2.07 Matt selects DEVIN SINGLETARY (BUF-RB)
2.08 Ben
(from Waylon) selects J.J. ARCEGA-WHITESIDE (PHI-WR)
2.09 Ben
(from Wesley) selects DAMIEN HARRIS (NE-RB)
2.10 Matt
(from Edd) selects JUSTICE HILL (BAL-RB)

3.01 Wesley
(from Ben) selects ALEXANDER MATTISON (MIN-RB)
3.02 Hershel selects DIONTAE JOHNSON (PIT-WR)
3.03 Darren selects RYQUELL ARMSTEAD (JAC-RB)
3.04 Cordell selects MILES BOYKIN (BAL-WR)
3.05 Jacoby selects JALEN HURD (SF-WR)
3.06 Ben
(from Gartman) selects DEXTER WILLIAMS (GB-RB)
3.07 Matt selects TERRY McLAURIN (WAS-WR)
3.08 Waylon selects IRV SMITH, JR. (MIN-TE)
3.09 Wesley selects BENNY SNELL, JR. (PIT-RB)
3.10 Edd selects JACE STERNBERGER (GB-TE)



4.01 Gartman (from Ben) selects KELVIN HARMON (WAS-TE)
4.02 Wesley (from Hershel via Benselects DARWIN THOMPSON (KC-RB)
4.03 Darren selects RILEY RIDLEY (CHI-WR)
4.04 Cordell selects BRYCE LOVE (WAS-RB)
4.05 Jacoby selects GARY JENNINGS (SEA-WR)
4.06 Gartman selects TONY POLLARD (DAL-RB)
4.07 Matt selects DAWSON KNOX (BUF-TE)
4.08 Waylon selects TRAYVEON WILLIAMS (CIN-RB)
4.09 Wesley selects HUNTER RENFROW (OAK-WR)
4.10 Edd selects RODNEY ANDERSON (CIN-RB)



5.01 Gartman (from Ben) selects MYLES GASKIN (MIA-RB)
5.02 Hershel selects KEESEAN JOHNSON (ARI-WR)
5.03 Darren selects JORDAN SCARLETT (CAR-RB)
5.04 Cordell selects TRAVIS HOMER (SEA-RB)
5.05 Jacoby selects JOSH OLIVER (JAC-TE)
5.06 Gartman selects PRESTON WILLIAMS (MIA-WR)
5.07 Matt selects DARIUS SLAYTON (NYG-WR)
5.08 Waylon selects DWAYNE HASKINS (WAS-QB)
5.09 Wesley selects EMANUEL HALL (CHI-WR)
5.10 Edd forfeits his pick

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